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We elaborate accounting records for small and medium businesses. This allows these companies to focus mainly in the operation and development of their business while having reliable and timely decision-making financial information that will help them grow and comply with their tax obligations.

Tax Advice

We offer advice to companies and individuals in order to fulfill their tax obligations strictly with the law.  We prepare tax calculations in companies that do not have the structure or the proper knowledge.


Our experts will put together all their talent and knowledge, proposing the best ideas for the projection or reorganization of companies, with the right approach to reduce risks and costs, as well as the ability to identify opportunities and synergies in the business world.


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We implement accounting systems according to your business needs at very competitive prices.

Taxes for Individuals

We prepare your personal tax applying all the legal benefits your entitled to achieve the maximum refund.


We do your company payroll externally or we implement effective computer software to do it internally.

Tax Advice

With in all the legal parameters, we establish the best tax strategies to reduce the tax burden of your company.

Taxes for business

We prepare taxes for Corporations, LLC’s and sole proprietorships. 

Payroll fillings

We will help you to comply wit your payroll fillings on the state or federal level, as well as  your W2  annual forms.


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